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2017 hvac driver vents 10 degrees warmer than passenger side. I have a 2017 Titan and the two driver vents are always 10 degrees or more hotter in both the summer and the winter. I currently have the drivers set at 62 and the passenger at 70 and the passenger air is still colder. The air output is the same and I have tried all all settings and ...Bought a 2015 Rogue used for my sister. While. transporting it from Utah to Nevada it became very. apparent that the heater is not working on the drivers side. and therefore the rear passenger area. Been researching. since discovering the issue and the only 2 things i can find. relate to the A/C and that is to replace the Evap Sensor.Still only heat on the passenger side of the car the heat on passenger side will work on defrost, front facing, and floor it will also change from cold to hot. The driver's side will switch all three positions also but only blow cold air. I pulled the actuator motor off and worked the blend door back and forth and it works fine.I have an 09 Dodge Journey and the heat works on the driver's side but not the passenger side. The heat on the driver's side that does work isn't very hot. Doesn't warm enough. Barely defrosts my front window. Also, my heated seat on the driver side doesn't work either.. sucks especially when it's -20!1 post · Joined 2023. #1 · Mar 29, 2023. My car 2011 Cadillac DTS has 3 zone heat. Problem is I cannot get heated air to the passenger side. The temperature control and actuator are working fine, I can see full range of motion of actuator. It operates smoothly. It was working fine not long ago. Car is low mileage in great condition, all …Ep:12In this video, i go over the step by step process on how to replace the blend door actuator on a 2012 GMC Acadia. Procedure should be the same for 2007-...1 post · Joined 2017. #1 · Nov 12, 2017. I have a 2008 Ford Taurus X and my passenger side heat is not working. The driver side blows warm but the passenger side blows ice cold, regardless of what the setting is. Please notes: it is NOT the Fresh/Recirculate actuator that is directly behind the glove box.The heater core as it gets along in life starts to deposit/leave material on the driver's side of the core and slowly starts clogging/working it's way towards the passenger side with less and less flow on the driver's side. Reason for the passenger's side being warmer than the driver's side here in left-hand drive lands.There are two hoses coming to and from the heater core. They both should feel warm or hot to the touch with the engine on. If one of the hoses is hot, and the other one is cold, that is a pretty good indication that the heater core is clogged. If the neither hose has any heat, you may have air in the cooling system, low fluid, or low pressure.DUAL ZONE CLIMATE CONTROL HAVE 2 ACTUATORS PER DRIVER SIDE AND PASSENGER SIDE IF YOUR EXPERIENCING A TEMP DIFFERENCE FROM ONE SIDE TO THE OTHER IT USUALLY IS BECAUSE THE HVAC DOOR LOST CALIBRATION. DUE TO BATTERY DISCONNECT, PCM OR MODULE FLASH, SIMPLE FIX, IF THATS NOT IT THEN ITS GONNA BE A BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR...The one on the driver side controls the air being let in from the outside for the drivers side. Once I found that actuator back up on the passenger side was the one I needed to change it really only took about an hour and a tiny T20 ratchet. Just remove power clip and three T20 screws, pull out actuator, put new one in and replace screws …I have a 2002 2.8 Quattro and I have no heat at all coming out of any of the driver's side vents either up, down or forwards. The passenger side heats up a treat and on windscreen demist mode the passneger side clears nice and quickly, the driver's side slowly and with only cold air blowing out. I have got no faults coming through from VAG-COM ...This is me! Really not a bad job, just takes some time. Dash is meant to be pulled easily. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - No hot air on driver side - I love my 2012 F150 but here's the problem. I have the fancy climate control with dual zones, and no hot air will come out of the driver's side. Not from the floor vents, middle vents, or defrost.EMann said: I have 2011 Sportage Ex. My heat is not working on the passenger side. It's just blowing out cold air. Visit AutoGuysLand to review how to fix overcharged car ac if you may concern. If anyone can help, your attention is greatly appreciated. Take a look at passenger's side temperature blend door actuator and replace if necessary.The passenger side climate control functions work but no heat comes out of the vents. The driver’s side works fine, delivering air according to temperature adjustments. I thought maybe a fuse was blown but can only find one fuse for climate control and assume it is for both driver and passenger side.Yes, I do have separate controls for front and rear temperature. I'm not sure if that makes any difference if it were LX though. But yes, only DRIVER side is NOT getting heat at all. I'll try your method of blowing MAX CLOD air then switch to hot air afterward later today and update the status. 2015 LX Odyssey.294 posts · Joined 2010. #1 · Oct 29, 2013. My 2011 Laredo X (dual climate) is not putting out warm air when set to heat on the passenger side. Regardless of whether each side is "synced," the passenger side puts out cold air whether on "HOT" or any lesser setting. The driver side puts out warm air, though.1. Just hoping to get a little insight on what the problem is before i tear the dash apart to replace the blend door motor. I have dual climate control and the passenger side only blows cold air no matter the temperature settings and if it is floor, defrost, or any other settings. I have read it can be the blend door or the control module for it.Heat only blow's on the passenger side. Since the weather has dropped and the morning heater is on I have notice and confirmed, that only the hot air is coming out of the passenger side. Hot air on all of the defrost vents. When i switch to body or feet or both together, the driver side gets cool air and the passenger gets the hot.If it is plugged in properly, then I would swap with the driver side (Item 2) and see if the problem goes to the other side. If it doesn't, it is likely the passenger side temperature door actuator (Item 4). In either case, there should be DTCs that FORScan should read. Attached Files.Drivers changed air temperature far more often than they change the mode (defrost, floor heat, dash vents, etc.), so the temperature actuators generally fail first. When that happens, the HVAC system can be stuck on blows cold air or blows hot air. In a dual zone system, you wind up with a blows cold one side, hot on other side condition.Low Coolant. While not having enough coolant may make your engine run hotter, it can also cause your Highlander to not be able to create enough heat. Is there isn't enough line pressure, due to low coolant, then the heater core will not be able to get any coolant itself. You can verify this by checking the coolant level by taking a peek at ...Yup! after full air bleed (there was quite a few air pockets again in there) , I tested full heat. Well again, set flow to max, temp to max, I could touch the passenger side (right) vent but not the driver side (it was very hot). Ok, not ideal but more sane than it used to be, at least now there is hot air blowing in the passenger side.28 posts · Joined 2007. #4 · Mar 30, 2008. The TSB is related to the A/C snowflake flashing 3 times or Air Recirculation light flashing - I think the TSB was number 07-01-38-003 JUN 07 A/C - Indicators Flashing (Normal Condition) The possible reasons were: Ambient Temperature Outside was too low. Voltage too low.The job of your 200's thermostat is to regulate the temperature of the engine. It does this by allowing water to enter the engine when it is getting hot, and by keeping coolant from entering while the vehicle warms up. Sometimes when a thermostat goes bad, it stays stuck open. This allows the coolant to continuously enter the engine.2017+ Super Duty - 2018 Driver's side heated cooled seats not working. HELP - Hey all, my 2018 CCSB PSD has heated and cooled seats. The driver's seat stopped working. The passenger side works just fine. The lights on the switches work for the heated and cooled, but not the seat. Any help in diagnosing. I don't have...1 - bad aux coolant pump. Not enough coolant getting to the heater control valve. 2 - bad heater control valve. Research here shows one inlet and two outlets. I assume one for passenger side and one for drivers side. 3 - plugged heater core. Not enough hot coolant getting to the core.Well Radiator is not fix but my passenger side heat is GONE. What a FIX right. So well I took it to 4 different mechanic and they all checked the Acctuator there are three in 2006 Sienna and they all are working. Heater core inlet and outlet hose are also warm/Hot and mechanic are confuse how in the world only one side of heater core is not ...If it gets ice cold and then hot again, that doesn't sound like the blend motors. All but 1 (the 1 up between the blower motor and passenger side of the car) are easy enough to check visually to confirm they're working. Cant hurt to check. drop the glovebox, pull the panel on the drivers side. Cycle the hvac up and down.7407 posts · Joined 2004. #9 · Jan 1, 2024. For the '98-'00 Durangos, there is a vacuum "T" mounted on the engine side of the firewall about halfway across from the passenger side. Check there to be sure line (s) are connected, and not split/rotted and leaking/loose. Don.2013 chevy cruze. no heat on passenger side vents. Checked on feet, chest, and defrost. Good air flow to all. Cold air including AC works to both passenger and driver side. I do not have a dual zone s … read more2013 chevy cruze. no heat on passenger side vents. Checked on feet, chest, and defrost. Good air flow to all. Cold air including AC works to both passenger and driver side. I do not have a dual zone s … read moreThe driver's side blows cool air, the temperature is set at the highest it can go (84 degrees) and I'm positive the "snowflake" button isn't on, the direct vents buttons for both sides are also on. The iDrive climate menu shows all the red bars for both driver and passenger and direct heat, not footwell or up top.2013. Engine. Hemi 5.7. I've been following this issue for a while and I have the same truck. Our heater cores are known to buildup sludge in the bottom of the core, and the bottom feeds heat to the driver side, and the top to the passenger. If you've got a noticeable difference in heat this may be the issue.The 2011 Chrysler 200 has 21 problems reported for heater not working properly. Average repair cost is $710 at 80,200 miles. (Page 1 of 2) ... No heat on passenger side. Extremely cold in the ...The angle that the heater core is mounted in the HVAC box inside the dashboard is the culprit. It can flow heat to the drivers side but not allow coolant to go thru the whole heater core where the air vents for the passenger side draws heated air from. By the design, there is no other explanation IF you have good heat on the drivers side.This is how I fixed my Jeep grand Cherokee passenger side that had no AC on just that side. Common issue on other Chrysler dodge vehicles. Can be no heat or ...2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Dual climate hot on passenger side cold on driver side - I have a 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat 4x4. During the winter time my passenger side only blew out cold air. About two months ago the passenger side started blowing out heat only. Drivers side is working normally. I've had two blend door...Turn on cabin heat, both sides, by turning knobs to highest temperature (86?) Turn center vent thumbwheel to Red. Turn blower (in manual mode) to highest level (fan speed bars should NOT have a boarder) Ensure Max driver's side fan, then reduce the passenger's side fan speed and does the air volume reduce?Hey EveryoneIn this video I bring you along a quick diagnostic on a 2017 Ford Explorer, where the customer states that there is only cold air coming from the...Correct. It's a dual zone climate. 2 temp controls. Problem doesn't change when I have them synced. Passenger side works fine but driver side stays lukewarm for the most part. Sun sensor isnt obstructed. I cleaned it off just to be sure but no change. Today I also tried slowly changing the driver side temp by a few degrees and waited.50 posts · Joined 2004. #1 · Nov 2, 2009. Noticed it a couple of day ago but didn't thinkg anything about it. This morning I have no heat coming from the driver side and the passenger side is blowing nice and warm. It is an 05 300C with the dual zone. Any ideas, i am assuming it is something electrical but I don't even know where to begin.Driver Side Heater Not Working. My heat is a little weird at the moment. The previous owner probably never turned it on since he lived in California. The left-most driver side vent will blow warm air when on the max temp setting. The vent directly to the right of the steering wheel blows cold. Both passenger vents blow hot.As. coolant comes into the aluminum tube from the driver side it goes in the top. the heater core then flows down through the heater core and out the bottom. aluminum tube. As sediment and junk goes in the top of the heater core the. tubes on the right side get restricted first and there is where you lose your. heat for the passenger side.Starting from the drivers side there are 4 vents acrossed the dash, one on drivers side, 2 in the middle and one on the passenger side. Drivers side will blow hot, next one not quite as hot then the next 2 cold. This also is happening along the windscreen and footwell. 33000 miles on the clock. any advise or suggestions would be very helpful.Feb 14, 2021 · Hold down the climate control power button and the defrost button at the same time. Hold for 5 seconds. Release the climate control power button and defrost button. Press the climate control power button alone, hold for a few seconds. Most drivers find that following these steps provides a simple fix to problems with the Ford Edge HVAC system.Shut off the A/C-Heater and leave it off for about 2 minutes. Restart the A/C with the driver's side on full cooling and the passenger's side on full heat. Run it this way for a minute or more. Shut off the A/C-Heater for a couple of minutes and restart with normal temperatures and the A/C-Heater should be operating normally....

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And this was something like 9-10 shop hours to tear into the dash and put it back together ($90...

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